Unit 19 – Great Alaskan Mountain Range

Moose Hunts

Our moose hunts will take place in September which is prime time for rut activity.  The bulls this time of year are known for traveling great distances out of the hills and down to the valleys to find their cows.  Magnificent displays of dominance can be observed by their vocalizations, antler raking, and inevitably their fighting.   We use a spot-and-stalk method of hunting these enormous giants while being able to glass miles of prime moose habitat in all directions.  We like to take 60” – 70”+ class bulls on these hunts, we will elect to pass on the smaller ones because we know the trophies are there.  These hunts will be conducted out of suitable tents in a comfortable camping location with the most amenities that we can fly in.  That’s not it though, because of this time of year and our location you can expect to see just about everything Western Alaska has to offer.  Everything is on the move and there’s always something to see.  We highly recommend making this a combo hunt, trust us, you will wish you had.  Please contact us for any more information.

*Additional trophies of grizzly bear, caribou, black bear, wolf, and wolverine can be taken on a trophy fee or as a combo hunt.*

Grizzly Bear

Our Grizzly hunts take place in September which is that time of year when they are up and feeding getting ready for the den.  Anywhere from the salmon streams to the high mountain blueberry fields is where Ol’ Grizz can be spotted.  Every hunter out there can understand the fear, respect, and fascination that seem to hit you all at once when up close and personal hunting these bears.  We strive for bears  8’and above with particular attention to the hides.  These are spot-and-stalk hunts out of comfortable camps and spacious tents.  As with all hunts in this Unit during this time of year, we highly recommend you making this a combo hunt, you’ll never know what you’ll see out there. Please contact us for any more information.

*Additional trophies of moose, caribou, black bear, wolf, and wolverine can be taken on a trophy fee or as a combo hunt.*


Our Caribou hunts take place in September during the rut and migration window of these majestic herd animals.  When the going is good, One day you can see hundreds of bulls and cows, from the streams in the valleys to the tops of the mountains where you would expect to find sheep living.  The very next day it’s turned off like a light switch, and then a couple days later, you’re surrounded again.  Due to this we only hunt caribou on a trophy fee or combination hunt, tags are relatively inexpensive and something you’ll wish you had when you find yourself in the middle of them.  Please contact us for more information.

Dall Sheep

We regret to inform you that the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has closed dall sheep hunting to all nonresident in 19c for 5 years.  Please consider or dall sheep hunts in the Chugach Mountains as an additional opportunity.

*All of Unit 19 hunts are fly in.  We utilize air charters located in Anchorage to transport us to additional landing strips in our hunting areas of the Alaska Range.  From there, super cubs will pick us up and drop us off at our predetermined camp locations. *






Dall Sheep



Currently suspended by ADFG for non-residents until 2027. Please inquire about our Unit 13 Chugach Mountain Sheep hunts as an optional opportunity.



Sept 1-10 or 11-20

10 day hunt for trophy moose in some of the most prime moose country in the Great Alaska Range. This hunt can be combined with grizzly, black bear, and caribou.

Grizzly Bear


Sept 1- 20

Can be combined with moose, black bear, and caribou.

Black Bear


Sept 1-20

Trophy fee for combination hunts.



Sept 1-20

Trophy Fee for combination hunts.

*Price* - Additional fee’s will be required for air charter services both to and from Anchorage and hunt destinations. 

Included in the Price of the Hunt:
Guide service, Meals and Lodging while in the field, Field care of meat and trophies.

NOT included in the Price of the Hunt:
Airfare to designated origin of hunt (i.e. Anchorage), Air charters (including super cubs/float planes) from origins to hunting locations, Hotels before and after hunt (including lodging fees incurred due to delays getting to the field because of weather, mechanical issues, or other items out of our control) License and tags, Meat Storage after the hunt, Meat processing, Shipping meat and/or trophies.